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Jeff used to be famous. More like locally famous. Ok, ok, more like famous in the radio world or maybe famous in our own minds—but we're trying to grab you here.

Jeff was a nationally syndicated morning radio personality and widely known "funny man" and executive producer for 25 years. He was riding on top of a wave at the height of radio, when morning show cast members were family members and missing a show meant starting your day off on the wrong foot.

As the radio wave was crashing, Jeff got fired. Together with his wife Callie, who had a growing following on Instagram, they came up with a new idea: to create their own "morning" show.

To take everything they loved about the comfort of their favorite shows minus the bosses, corporate restrictions, and music that routinely interrupts really compelling programming, to create a daily show with great programming and no rules.

The UPSIDE with Callie and Jeff is the literal upside to the end of Jeff's radio career. It immediately shot to the top of the Apple Podcast charts at launch and has enjoyed a loyal and inspired following ever since. There's no question why this duo has amassed so many loyal listeners: they've proven to be good people without being annoying, honest without being brutal, funny without trying too hard, and entertaining without being provocative—all while encouraging listeners to find the upside in their own lives.

The UPSIDE with Callie and Jeff covers pop culture, mental health and the ups and downs of life 5 days a week, 30 minutes a day. Welcome to THE UPSIDE.




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What listeners are saying

They are my friends that I’ve never met. I absolutely love The Upside. Started listening right When I became a mom and was living in a new town with zero friends. It was lonely and challenging. I started taking daily walks and found The Upside. It was like making two new best friends, who validated me, supported me and told me it was OK to be less than perfect! Listener for life.


I absolutely love listening to this podcast every day. It is so entertaining, so funny, and so uplifting. It always challenges me to be more grateful for the little things AND the big things in life. Callie and Jeff are so real and open, and very easy to connect with. Listening every day is like sitting down with friends talking. I love hearing about their business ventures, their daughter, struggles with mental health, and anything else they have going on in their lives.


Callie & Jeff make this show so fun and so easy to listen to. They are real and raw and feel like my new best friends! They remind us that having a tough time isn’t forever and are so relatable. They have created a community of people and without a doubt are making the world a kinder place!


Love love love this show. Love Callie keeping it real. Love Jeff being awkward and making me laugh. Real, funny, encouraging and positive. Highly recommend, 5 stars, 10 out of 10, go listen now.


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