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It all started when…

Shortly after we started dating, Jeff suggested that we write down one thing we were grateful for every day. It only took a few seconds each morning, but we noticed something after just a couple of weeks. We both had an INCREDIBLE shift in our mindsets. Our brains started thinking about the upside and positive of every situation instead of defaulting to the negative.

From that, a remarkable ripple effect of amazing changes in our lives began. We were happier, kinder, and more patient. All because we took a few seconds each day to appreciate something… even something small. We want to share the power of gratitude with as many people as possible, and that’s the mission behind all things Callie and Jeff.


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– March of Appreciation: Jeff wants to give away $999

– I had a hard conversation yesterday but something changed from how I would usually approach it. Jeff has a theory on what changed
– What do we need for Ellie’s first road trip that we haven’t thought about?
– Beautiful Human Alert: A couple in Austin housed their grocery delivery driver for 5 days after her car was trapped during a snowstorm last week


– We ate on a restaurant patio for the first time in a YEAR and it was magical
– Jeff’s dad got his COVID vaccines and we’re road tripping to New York so Ellie can meet her Grampy!
– My gut is telling me to stay away from the Starbucks next to our house and I can’t explain why
– Jeff has a story about crows and it’s pretty awesome
– We’re giving away prizes on EVERY show in March and the prizes are GOOOOOOD

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Most recent reviews from listeners like you! 

Upside makes my day better

Just listening to the first episode put me in such a great place. Loved hearing the realness in conversation. Bonus: the voices don’t drive you batty because these appear to be their real voices: not fake podcast voices! Thank you two!!

– Ecatarina G.

First Time podcast listener

Wow! I usually listen to music during my daily walk but when I heard Jeff (I’m a long time fan/listener) was starting a podcast, I had to give it a try. I absolutely love listening to y’all! Such a breath of fresh air. Thank you Callie and Jeff 🙂

– Freda A.P.