Elmo's Letter of the Day

And We Choose Love

Jeff is grateful that Ellie enjoys adventures.

Callie is grateful for hot showers.

On Today’s Show

  • Jeff shares the Elmo Letter of the Day song and good luck getting that out of your head.
  • What would you spend $5000 on right now… it has to be fun!
  • Callie and Jeff are so super excited to tell you that their latest podcast is out… it’s called The Carpool with Kelly and Liz! Give it a listen!
  • Callie shares a statistic that 72% of married people say that love is a choice. What do you think?
  • Callie gets an alarming text, Alexa randomly came on, an owl started who-ing and a mourning dove showed up…. all at the same time. Creepy?
  • Jeff delivers a Dad joke at Ellie’s Comedy Club.
  • Callie delivers today’s Three Random Things.
  • Jeff is concerned that Ellie is so smart that she is going to use her crib contents to escape.
  • Jeff made the best chicken & dumplings ever.

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