Callie and Jeff

Core Memories

Core Memories

Friday shows are always packed with goodness. Today Callie and Jeff check in with each other on a scale of 1-10, they give away a Stair Barrier for Free Stuff Friday and Callie shares today’s Beautiful Human Alert.

Callie wants to be a tea drinker

The Big Ask

This Tuesday Callie discusses her desire to be a tea drinker, Jeff tells us about a dreadful email mistake he made and although it’s not Upsidey, they talk about micro-annoyances that we’re sure you can relate to!

Presidential Pets

Valentine’s Day Gifts for guys

It’s a great Monday show filled with gift ideas for your man for Valentine’s Day, a warning about spam calls and a fun Presidential Pets quiz. Also – this whole week Callie’s Three Random Things will be related to Black History Month!

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