The 5 best things we did traveling with an Infant

We took a 12+ hour road trip with a 4-month-old this year and I gotta say, it was pretty ballsy of us but wound up being a great experience that we’ll never forget. As you know, so much of parenting is flying by the seat of your pants which is exactly what we did to prep for this trip. Here are 5 things we did super well that now I pass on to you


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Five Things I Learned at 34

Every year on my birthday I open the notes on my phone and create a new note titled with my age. As the year goes on and I learn lessons, I write them down so I can reflect on what the past year has taught me. I started doing this on my 30th birthday and I loved it so...

Episode 432: 9-1-1 WHAT’S YOUR EMERGENCY?

(original release date: December 8, 2020) Jeff is grateful for: our stroller Callie is grateful for: Christmas movies In this episode: Jeff said something to me last week that still has me reeling We were told we call 9-1-1 a lot…but aren’t we justified? If Ellie had...