Callie got Ghosted

Jeff is grateful that Callie and Ellie both like his cooking.

Callie is grateful that Jeff fills up her gas tank.

On Today’s Show

  • Callie is co-hosting an event at Brown & Company in Roswell this Thursday night. Text BROWN to 800-434-5454 to RSVP.
  • Callie is feeling super insecure about her representation of the business. One client raised their rates 4x the normal price and the other potential client has completely ghosted her after their meeting.
  • Jeff and his guy friends all share a similar, embarrassing experience with different women who made obvious, strong advances towards the guys and none of the guys picked up on it.
  • Callie shared an article from Psychology Today. It recommends that couples should spend 4 hours a week together of quality time, doing activities that are new, interesting, challenging and exciting.
  • Jeff tells a Dad joke at Ellie’s Comedy Club.
  • Jeff presents today’s Three Random Things.
  • Callie tells a super sweet story about a man’s mission to support his wife through her pregnancy struggles by making foods that women should eat to help with their hormones.

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