Can we make Jeff cry in the first 5 minutes? I bet we can.

Jeff is grateful that Ellie doesn’t mind getting into her car seat.

Callie is grateful for Pilates.

On Today’s Show

  • Callie is convinced that Wordle has become more difficult since the NY Times took it over.
  • Callie and Jeff announce the winner of last week’s Free Stuff Friday giveaway.
  • Callie addresses the fact that Jeff has been acting very insecure this week.
  • Callie wants listeners to call in and brag on themselves 800-434-5454.
  • Jeff brings up Kanye, Kim and Pete and the mental health issues involved.
  • While Jeff talks about the protests in New Zealand, he asks what songs blasted at you for days would make you give up your protest.
  • Jeff delivers a Dad joke at Ellie’s Comedy Club.
  • Jeff shares today’s Three Random Things.
  • Callie has list of micro-anxieties and the alarm clock in their room is on the list.

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