Show Notes

If we talk about it on the show, then we include it in our show notes. For example, if Callie mentions a beautiful human alert, then you’ll find the story in our show notes. You can view all of our show notes here.

Core Memories

Core Memories

Friday shows are always packed with goodness. Today Callie and Jeff check in with each other on a scale of 1-10, they give away a Stair Barrier for Free Stuff Friday and Callie shares today’s Beautiful Human Alert.

Callie wants to be a tea drinker

The Big Ask

This Tuesday Callie discusses her desire to be a tea drinker, Jeff tells us about a dreadful email mistake he made and although it’s not Upsidey, they talk about micro-annoyances that we’re sure you can relate to!

Presidential Pets

Valentine’s Day Gifts for guys

It’s a great Monday show filled with gift ideas for your man for Valentine’s Day, a warning about spam calls and a fun Presidential Pets quiz. Also – this whole week Callie’s Three Random Things will be related to Black History Month!

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