Show Notes

If we talk about it on the show, then we include it in our show notes. For example, if Callie mentions a beautiful human alert, then you’ll find the story in our show notes. You can view all of our show notes here.

Year of the Tiger

Happy Birthday Callie

It’s Callie’s Birthday today and she shares some wisdom with us that she learned this year. Also, did you know that the numbers by the door when you leave a bank or store are there for height reference? Mind blown!

Elmo's Letter of the Day

And We Choose Love

Today’s show starts with an Elmo song, details on how you can win $5000 and the very exciting news about Callie and Jeff’s newest podcast, The Carpool with Kelly and Liz!

Ellie loves Donna Dauler

Ellie Says Hi to Donna

Jeff tells a story about Ellie finding a picture of her Grandma, Donna Dauler, who she never got to meet. Ellie has spent a lot of time looking, touching and talking to the photo. There must be some sort of connection happening here!

Three Random Things

Instant Ted Talks

Today Callie and Jeff do their 1-10 check-in, they discuss what their Ted Talk would be, they share the weekly Beautiful Human Alert and discuss whether or not it’s smart to have a “If I go missing” folder.

Show notes for 1/27/22

Jeff Needs Help

Today’s episode dives into Jeff’s lack of focus and follow through. He shares how he is fed-up with himself and he wants to get his groove back. If you are struggling with the same thing, this episode will show you that you are not alone!

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