Ellie loves Donna Dauler

Ellie Says Hi to Donna

Jeff is grateful for: weather that is warming up

Callie is grateful for: cinnamon rolls

On Today’s Show

  • Jeff starts the episode with the Happy Birthday song for Callie who’s birthday is on Wednesday.
  • Callie and Jeff are giving away a package from Dirty Cookie. Listen in to find out how to enter.
  • Jeff tells the sweetest story about Ellie finding a photo of Donna Dauler.
  • Callie got a micro-needling procedure done last week. She is wondering if there is any part of Jeff that he would improve physically but won’t do it because of the pain he would endure to get the results.
  • Jeff brings up the conversation he had last week about being fed-up with himself.
  • Jeff delivers a Dad joke at Ellie’s Comedy Club.
  • Jeff shares today’s Three Random Things.
  • Callie tells a story about Ed Sheeran not having a phone.

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