Episode 230: NEW EASEL, WHO DIS

(original release date: April 13, 2020)

Jeff is grateful for: his new easel

Callie is grateful for: my family

On this episode:

  • Happy Birthday to my sister Kristen!

  • Jeff is struggling with whether he’s showing enough grace to others and I have a solution for him

  • We have new logos and colors on our website! Thanks to Telia Agency for shifting gears with us as we navigate this crazy time

  • Jeff gives us a hospital heroes update

  • Jeff is going to make “what do you hear” a thing and I am SO EXCITED

  • Now might be the time to buy noise cancelling headphones

  • Hearing the voice of a female will calm your nerves…you’re welcome

  • Things to NOT say to men

  • Hormone call of the day

  • I didn’t have a WFH routine last week and it screwed everything up

  • If you want more info on how to get involved with our hospital heroes project, text the word HERO to 800-434-5454

  • Want to weigh in on the show topics? Call us and leave a message! 800-434-5454

Here are all of today’s links:

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