(original release date: September 23, 2020)

Jeff is grateful for: haircuts

Callie is grateful for: baby kicks

In this episode:

  • Is there a right and wrong way to swiffer?

  • Octoberlutions start next week

  • A customer service PSA: turning customer service calls into great experiences

  • Awe Walks instructions:

    • Below is the set of instructions given to ‘awe walk’ participants – which can help you get the best out of your daily walks too.  

      For the next eight weeks, we’ll ask you to go on a walk once a week where you perhaps have an experience of awe.

      Awe often shifts your attention away from yourself and helps you to appreciate the wonders of the world around you.

      With the right outlook, awe can be found almost anywhere, but it is most likely to occur in places that involve two key features: physical vastness and novelty.

      These places could include natural settings, like a trail lined with tall trees, or urban settings, like a city street lined with skyscrapers.

      No matter where you choose to take your walk, these two general guidelines should increase your opportunities to find awe – inspiring moments.

      First, try to tap into your childlike sense of wonder.

      Young children are in an almost constant state of awe since everything is so new to them.

      During your walk, try to approach what you see with fresh eyes, imagining that you’re seeing it for the first time.

      Take a moment in each walk to take in the vastness of things, for example in looking at a panoramic view or up close at the detail of a leaf or flower.

      Second, go somewhere new. Each week, try to choose a new location.

      You’re more likely to feel awe in a novel environment where the sights and sounds are unexpected and unfamiliar to you.

      That said, some places never seem to get old, so there’s nothing wrong with revisiting your favorite spots if you find that they consistently fill you with awe. The key is to recognize new features of the same old place.

      The walk should be completed outside. Try to maintain a fairly light to moderate pace while walking – no speed walking or jogging.

      If you look at this scale and imagine a six as the least strenuous walk you could do and a 20 as the most strenuous walk, we want you to be somewhere around a 10 or 11. Try to minimize phone use during the walk.

      This means no texting, no listening to music, no checking social media, and no talking on the phone during the walk. Ideally, keep your phone on airplane mode.

  • Amazon rooms are now a thing and I’m here for it

  • Hormone call of the day is back

  • Jeff’s favorite day was ruined this week

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