Welcome to episode 67 of THE UPSIDE with Callie and Jeff Dauler
(original release date: October 14, 2019)


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Hempfusion (use UPSIDE at checkout for 20% off and free shipping)
Good American Jeans
Bandit the Super-Pup


Pre-show, Callie and Jeff debate how little of their planned weekend they actually accomplished. Jeff says 50%, Callie says 20%.

Jeff is grateful for his best friend George McKerrow, who celebrated a birthday yesterday.

Callie is grateful for comfy pajama pants.

Callie and Jeff start today’s episode with a brief introduction of the show to welcome the several hundred new listeners who have joined the movement since last week.

The show continues with a warning: monkey bread is dangerous. If it is in the house, you will eat it all … like Callie did on Saturday evening. When Jeff perfects his monkey bread recipe, he will share it with everyone. And THANK YOU to everyone who submitted their monkey bread recipes to him.

The winners of Callie and Jeff’s most recent contest were announced, along with a reminder to join the Facebook group and sign up for the newsletter (links below, of course) to maximize chances to win. Callie also reports that she will be offering product discount codes in the newsletter starting this week. Click here to receive the weekly PICK ME UP in your email, and join us on Facebook today!

The middle segments of the show were spent analyzing the definition of partnership. Callie was asked to define it and couldn’t, so she asked Jeff. He thought it would be an easy question, but he was wrong. It was decided that partnership is different for everyone, but communication is necessary for a solid relationship.

Callie reviews Good American Jeans as her social media stalker ad review this week Next week, Wooden Ships Sweaters will be reviewed.

Callie spent a few minutes of the show blindly tasting Skittles, to see if she can identify their flavors / colors. There was a rumor that all Skittles taste the same, regardless of color. We put that to the test, and the results are definitive.

And we wrap up today’s episode with a Super-Pup Spotlight. Bandit found a lost child in just 10 minutes. We really don’t deserve dogs. Click here for a picture of Bandit the Super-Pup.

Post-show, plans were unveiled to produce movie trailers for older rescue pups in hopes of drawing attention to them and getting them rescued faster!

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care/of: Callie’s doctor has been asking her to take vitamins and supplements for years … but she’d always go to the store, stare at all the options, and leave confused. Jeff loves the idea … but lots of bottles are inconvenient and confusing, especially in the morning when you’re trying to get out of the door. Both of those problems SOLVED with care/of. A 5 minute survey helps you find the right vitamins and supplements. And they are delivered in easy, daily, packets. 50% off your first order here if you enter UPSIDE50 at checkout: www.takecareof.com/


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