Welcome to episode 71 of THE UPSIDE with Callie and Jeff Dauler
(original release date: October 18, 2019)


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Pre-show, we try and help an member of our Facebook group navigate a work situation. He told her that he doesn’t like dogs. She can no longer look him in the eye. How does she continue to work together?

Jeff is grateful for their pillow-top mattress.

Callie is grateful for her therapist.

Jeff thinks he’s coming down with something, and Callie is feeling weird because she adjusted her meds … and Jeff learned about this on IG. They discuss the importance of working with a doctor to not only find the right medicine (if you need it) but the appropriate dosage.

Jeff feels uncomfortable buying Callie a nice anniversary gift because she’s the sole breadwinner in the house. She tries to reassure him because her earnings are not ‘hers’ but ‘theirs.’ He still feels weird because he’s a man and wants to be the provider.

Would you allow a stranger to make a delivery to your house … and bring it right to your fridge? Apparently it is something being proposed by Wal-Mart. That converstaion leads to a discussion about how much food Grandparents cook, and where it all goes.

The last segment of the show are answers to your questions submitted on Instagram.

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