Freaky Friday Question by Jeff

Freaky Friday and the Man in the Trunk

Jeff is grateful for Febreze, maybe.

Callie is grateful that Lily likes to sleep in bed with them, sometimes.

On Today’s Show

  • Jeff starts the show off with some voicemails.
  • Jeff told a story about a couple trapped in their home for 2 months.
  • Callie and Jeff talk about things that annoy them about each other.
  • Callie tells a story about a man who lived in a woman’s trunk for 3 days.
  • Jeff asks Callie an awful Freaky Friday question.
  • Callie and Jeff talk about Will Smith, his confidence and a powerful comment he made.
  • Jeff delivers a Dad joke at Ellie’s Comedy Club.
  • Callie shares today’s Three Random Things.
  • Are Transparent Post-its real?
  • Jeff shares the Top 10 grossest words in the English language.

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