Three Random Things

Instant Ted Talks

Jeff is grateful for: Sunshine

Callie is grateful for: their printer

On Today’s Show

  • Jeff shares that the internet is divided on whether one should have a “If I go missing” folder.
  • Callie and Jeff share their Friday 1-10 check-in numbers. Callie is a 9 and Jeff is a 7.5.
  • Jeff asked Callie what topic (Ted Talk) she could give a presentation on with less than an hour notice.
  • Callie’s friend texted her a question regarding Jeff and Callie wants to make sure it won’t offend him.
  • Jeff delivers a Dad joke at Ellie’s Comedy Club.
  • Callie shares today’s Three Random Things.
  • Jeff tells us about this week’s Beautiful Human Alert.
  • Callie shares a list of things worth the extra cost.

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