Meet Our New Friend Rob

Jeff is grateful that Ellie is back to her old self after a high fever on Wednesday.

Callie is grateful for Jeff.

On Today’s Show

  • Callie reads an announcement live to Jeff about their Ten Twenty Two “Podcast Empire” that was published in All Access.
  • Today is Friday and, on Friday, we check in with each other on a scale of 1-10. Jeff is a 9. Callie is a 6.
  • Jeff tells the story of “Rob” which he says is the greatest story he’s ever told.
  • Callie tells Jeff about her favorite number, 2. Jeff shares his favorite number with Callie. What is it?
  • Jennifer is the winner of the Dirty Cookie gift pack.
  • Free Stuff Friday is back and this Friday Callie and Jeff give away a package from Perkie Prints.
  • Jeff delivers a Dad Joke and Ellie’s Comedy Club.
  • Jeff shares today’s Three Random Things.
  • Callie shares today’s Beautiful Human
  • Callie goes down a rabbit hole about Presidential pets.

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