Romantic or Creepy

Jeff is grateful for: Printers in their house
Callie is grateful for: Ice cubes

About the show

  • Callie and Jeff are going to tour several preschools for Ellie and they aren’t sure what to expect. Do you have a bizarre preschool tour story? If so, please call 800-434-5454 and tell us about it.
  • Callie and Jeff have decided that it’s time for them to have regular monthly meetings with their entire team. Is there anyone who has regular team meetings that they get excited about, or at least that you don’t dread? Please share with us at 800-434-5454.
  • Callie and Jeff discuss their thoughts on Apple Air Tags.
  • Jeff is now a proud member of the Paper Calendar Club thanks to Callieā€¦ but he has questions.
  • Jeff shares a “love” story and he wants to know if it’s romantic or creepy.
  • Jeff gives a pep talk to anyone who has been struggling with their resolutions in the first dozen days of the new year!
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