The Solution to 7 Common Wardrobe Problems

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I love a good deal on clothes but as you know if you’re a fellow lover of cheaper dresses, a lot of times what’s missing from the pieces is that extra bit of lining. I’m super modest when it comes to what I wear. I think my years of working around TV cameras has only added to the fear I have of my co-workers being able to see through my clothes. You’ve had that nightmare, right?

Call me Grandma Dauler but I love a good slip and a great slip can totally change the look of an outfit. Somewhere in my Gossip Girl fantasy land, I wear perfect-looking La Perla’s under every piece of clothing but until then, I’ve found some great, more affordable options.

Through the years I’ve tried a LOT of slips/Spanx/undergarment products and I now a collection of my favorite staples that solve nearly every single wardrobe malfunction you can have. Here are 7 common wardrobe issues and how to solve them:

  1. Problem: your dress is sheer and short with a higher neckline. Slips have traditionally been a bit longer and back in the old days (like 15 years ago), I would buy a long slip and take it in for alterations. Now there are a ton of options to wear under a mini dress. The SPANX Thinstincts slip wins for me here. It’s not super binding, it’s a great option for short dresses and if you have a dress that’s fitted at the top, it also nicely covers the outline of a bra. I wear a small and own the black.

2. Problem: your dress is sheer and also has a v-neck. I bought this honeydew nightgown to wear to bed years ago and grabbed it during a v-neck dress emergency and I LOVE IT so it’s now in my permanent rotation. It’s a bit longer than the SPANX version, which tends to be more comfortable to me. This wasn’t meant to be a slip so it’s better for flowy dresses, not for fitted dresses. I wear a small and own the black.

3. Problem: your underwear lines are showing. I have a few beautiful work dresses that aren’t sheer, but you can definitely see the outline of my underwear from behind and that’s NOT something I want people to see, especially at work. I throw on a pair of SPANX Thinstincts mid-thigh short. It smooths out lines from your belly button to mid-thigh and gives your body a nice little hug, without a ton of constriction. I have this pair in both nude and black!

4. Problem: You want a tummy tuck right this second…in your closet…20 minutes before you have to be somewhere. I have those moments where I don’t feel confident in a dress that shows every single line and then BOOM, POWER SPANX TO THE RESCUE! I feel so much more confident wearing this style under fitted dresses and these bad boys will SUCK YOU IN. Who needs to breathe, right? As an added perk, it creates a smooth line from right under your bra line to right above your knee. It covers all the things. I wear a small and have the nude version.

5. Problem: You have a sheer skirt or you don’t feel like wearing a full slip. The Commando brand half slip version is the winner for me because you definitely feel naked wearing it. I wear the S/M and have the nude version. Spanx also makes a half- slip that has a little more of a “suck in” effect that you can find here.

6. Problem: your dress is backless or low-cut and but you need a bra. One of my girlfriends (who has a larger chest) introduced me to this sticky bra years ago and I haven’t worn anything else since. This is a winner that you can wear over and over!

7. Problem: your nipples show through your dress/shirt but you don’t want to or can’t wear a bra. Don’t come at me for this one but this isn’t a part of myself that I want to show. These petals are my favorite, you can wear them over and over again and they add a nice, smooth shape without having to wear a bra. WINNING!

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