The One Thing All Successful Women Have in Common

I don’t know what it is about 2018, but so far it’s been the year of new, super inspiring female friendships. I’m not mad about it. In fact, I’m shout-from-the-rooftops excited about it.

I’ve somehow stumbled upon women who are actively chasing dreams. I say somehow because I really don’t know how it’s all come together to be honest. Some are bloggers, some have big dreams for marketing, some for TV, some have started their own businesses and all of them have this incredibly contagious, hopeful, “get it done’ spirit. I’ve met these women in person and either totally geek out because I got to meet them and I’m already a fan, or I jump online and start reading their story and looking at their work/message and my jaw continues to sit on the floor in amazement at what they’re accomplishing.

Here’s the thing that will shock you when you sit down and think more about it: There’s not a magic gene that all of these women have. They weren’t born in an amazing businesswoman factory. They’re our friends and our neighbors and our co-workers and our cousins and our sisters and there’s ONE thing that sets them apart from everyone else with a nugget of a dream in their head: THEIR ATTITUDE. They’re waking up every day feeling like their biggest dream is worth fighting for and they wake up every single day and chase that dream. They just freaking do it.

These are women who are told they can’t, who are told their dream is a waste of time or too big. They’re women who have or are currently being made fun of and judged and criticized. They’re moms who some days have to give up on posting exactly when they’re told they should for “peak number of views” because their son had a fever or they got a surprise date night with their husband. They’re women who sometimes cry it out alone because they feel insecure and wonder if they should throw in the towel…but guess what? THEY’RE JUST FREAKING DOING IT. They’re waking up and rising to the challenge every single day. Maybe not all day every single day (let’s get real, self-doubt is a thing and we’re all humans who sometimes need to put on sweatpants and let our mascara run Lauren Conrad style), but the spirit is there.

TRUTH BOMB: no one REALLY knows the perfect and absolute secrets to success. If there was a pre-paved road to success and anyone knew that equation, there would be a lot more billionaires walking around. Just sayin’. People might be able to look back and tell you what worked for them but no one can predict the future or the path of success for your dreams.  And really…why would you want to walk exactly in the footsteps of someone else? How boring. YOU ARE YOU! You have something unique to offer the world. Figure out what you have to offer and CHASE IT HARD.

Showing up at department stores to pitch your product like Sara Blakely might not lead to the success of your company but you know what will? The attitude she had about her dreams. That’s the part to apply to your path. Stop looking for someone else’s footsteps follow. You are unique! Pave your own way, deck yourself out in armor that will help you conquer the worst days and just freaking do it.

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