Who likes Surprises?

Jeff is grateful for: Surprises

Callie is grateful for: Her Apple watch

On Today’s Show

  • Jeff feels more blessed to be him than to be Lori Loughlin. Find out why.
  • There is a surprise on today’s episode that Jeff is beyond excited about.
  • Callie discusses the impact that Bob Saget had on everyone he knew.
  • Jeff took Lily to the Vet per Callie’s request.
  • Ellie Dauler got accepted to pre-school… listen to the difference in Callie and Jeff’s reaction.
  • Jeff decided to pick two words for the year 2022.
  • Dad Dauler shares a Dad joke.
  • Jeff presents Three Random Things.
  • Callie would love for you to join her at Brown & Co. in Roswell on January 27th from 6-9pm for a Girl’s Night Out!

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